Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mobile boys, fly swatters, and back to school!

Remember all the cute photos of my little boys sitting and smiling? Those are a thing of the past. I sit them next to each other, step back, and then they look like this:

It makes me happy that I took pics of the boys sitting and smiling every day, because I can't see that happening again any time soon!

Love my 3 little ones : )

We have BBQs often in the summer, which is great and fun. However, people coming in and out means we have flies. David is excellent with a red-neck fly swatter (spatula). And now Paige has learned the true use of spatulas in our house:

Today was Paige's first day back at school! She was excited to see all her friends again and move up to the big girl classroom. She was a little apprehensive when she didn't go to her old room, but perked right up when she saw her friends in the big room coloring.

I remember her first day of school last year. Time is going too quickly. : (

I like being back in a normal routine. And hopefully Paige will start going to bed a little earlier now that she will be wearing herself out at school again. She has been resisting bedtime and staying up until 8:30/9 the last few weeks.

Monday, August 29, 2011

A step backwards

I went to the plastic surgeons today for what was supposed to be my last visit. I was going to take my 'after' pic, be told how fabulous I looked, then be on my merry way.

Well, the PA took one look at my upper abs, and told me to put my clothes back on. No after pics for me happening that day.

She said there is a lot of fluid building up there. I had noticed it was swollen in the last couple days, but I thought it was just normal swelling.

Now, I have to go back on Friday when the doctor is back in town (umm...homeboy takes way to many vacations. Just sayin') and have him aspirate the fluid with a needle.

I'm upset because Friday is supposed to be my date day with Paige. So now, she is going to have to sit in a doctors office (thank goodness for the ipad) before we can start our fun.

I hope this is just a small glitch in the road to flat stomachville.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Random Sunday Funday

"blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father."
-Lydia M. Child

This picture pretty much sums up how awesome my kids' dad is.

We had our usual Sunday family day today : ) Breakfast, walk to the park, lawn work, naps, and dinner at Qdoba!

I was feeding Jack his bottle in Paige's room and Paige was watching Caillou (yes, Caillou again. I would love if she would watch something else). Braley crawled over and was banging on the ipad, which is not allowed. Paige let him know that: "No, sir! Don't touch Caillou!"

Finally, girlfriend had enough, picked up the ipad, and put it on her bed, safely out of Braley's reach.

And now, the kids are in bed, and David and I are watching TV, each of us on our respective computers, not talking LOL. Technology is going to be the downfall of marriage in America ; )

Hope everyone had a nice weekend! ONE week until College Football!! BOOMER!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Finger foods

I have been dragging my heels on getting these boys started on finger foods. I know, I know - they are 9 months old. It is time! I just feel like the second we get into a good rhythm with things, I have to change them up.

But they did great with their first try! I made them some mini pancakes, and they LOVED them! It took them a few minutes to pick it up and get it in their mouths, but they got used to it quickly. They each finished their pancake and still ate their yogurt, so I'd say that breakfast was a success!

And even after having a banana and two waffles, when she saw the boys eating pancakes, she had to have one too!

And on another note - I am going to the pool today for the first time since my surgery. I will be without my compression garments for the first time in almost 4 weeks. I'm a little nervous that I will start to get sore, but I know it is time to start weaning myself off them.

Happy Saturday!! xoxo

Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday fun

All you need for a good time with 3 kids is a laundry basket!

I am so happy and lucky that my kids like to play together. It is such a joy to watch.

First day of school is Tuesday! We had meet the teacher night last night, and I'm excited about what is in store for Paige this year. But it makes me sad that what was once a diaper stacker holder is now a backpack holder. My baby bug is growing up so fast : (

I decided to hire a fall nanny to come every Friday to stay with the boys. I get plenty of one on one (actually one on two - but you get the point) time with the twins when Paige is in school. But I feel like Paige hardly ever gets all my attention to herself.

She started today, and we had a great day!

First, we met our friend Presley and her awesome mommy at the park!

We went at 9:15 to try and beat the heat. Yeah right. We were all sweating within 15 minutes. But the girls played hard and were beat by 10:45.

Then, we headed to the mall for some AC, lunch, playing, and shopping!

I am so excited that I'll have this time with my daughter.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life with a 2 year old

So I always heard people talk about the "terrible two's." And yes, Paige has had her moments from about 18 months on, but she has, for the most part, been pretty easy. I secretly walked around with my nose in the air thinking, "I wonder if it is superior parenting, or if my child is just especially good? Probably a combination of both, I imagine."

Well, reality has visited my house. Paige is all about the drama, the meltdowns, throwing anything she can find, swatting at anything in her way. Screaming, "NO! NO! NO! Go away, mommy!" Then flailing her arms at me, throwing herself on the floor, spilling the dogs food and water, causing a loud noise that makes both babies cry...all because I tried to help her peel her banana.

Good grief. Her answer to everything is, "no, I don't like (insert what you asked her here)."

Example: Paige, do you want to take a bath? Answer: No, I don't like to take a bath.

Paige, do you want to eat dinner? Answer: No, I don't like dinner.

Paige, do you want to go night night in your big girl bed? Answer: No, I don't like to go night night.

Fine. This is all fine. The trouble lies in when we ask her if she wants to do something she really does want to do. She is so conflicted. On one hand, she really wants to do what we have suggested. But the other part of her is so determined to be defiant...she just melts down.

Example: Paige, do you want to watch Caillou? Answer: (looks around, mulling over this decision)....hysterically crying, throwing herself on the floor, "Caillou! Caillou!" Insert David and me looking very confused here.

So, my almost 2 and a half year old is giving me a run for my money.

On the other hand, she is also saying the following things on a regular basis:

"mommy, I love you." "mommy, you are so pretty." "I am an angel." "I am so cute."

So it all evens out.

Can I just say for the 100th time that I miss my camera. Hopefully I get it back this week.

Monday, August 22, 2011

3 weeks post surgery

So the drains came out today. I won't lie, it was pretty painful. But it lasted about 20 seconds a drain. It was over before I knew it! I have had a little cramping since, but I just took one of those extra strength ibuprofen so I think it will knock that right out.

But the freedom! I forgot what it felt like to not have them in! Divine!

And I took my weekly pics after the appointment.

You can see there is still swelling. And it is weird to not look down and see that extra skin! Cray cray!!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to take a bath. I haven't been able to have one with the drains in : )

Happy Monday, folks!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another weekend comes and goes

Well, the potty is still only used as a toy. It has yet to be used as an actual potty. But all the kids seem to enjoy it!

We have had a big weekend! We had my whole family and some close friends over for dinner Saturday night. Then today, we went to breakfast, Paige and I went for a walk to the park, I got some "me" time and did some shopping* and got a pedicure, my mom came and got Paige for a slumber party, David and I took the boys to the park to swing...whew! I'm beat!
*my shopping was for some fun things to wear to OU games this fall! YAY!!!!

I miss my camera : ( It should be coming back to me either this week or next. Until then, I am still annoying my kids with capturing their cuteness.

And tomorrow...drumroll...I get my drains out. It has been 3 long weeks with these painful (and at times infected) things attached to me. I'm pretty nervous about the whole thing. I've stupidly been reading testimonials of others' experience with this, and the reviews are mixed. Some find it to be no big deal, just a little discomfort. And some find it to be unbelievably painful. Ugggh. Just hoping I fall in line with the former. Either way, I just want them out. I'll update with that an another weekly pic when it is over.