Saturday, August 6, 2011

kids and more surgery updates

I am feeling better with each passing minute, now! I am feeling positive about the surgery and happy that I did it. Even with swelling, drains coming out of me, bruises all over - I look better! You can already tell. The extra skin that I had is all gone. Stretch marks? Gone. My ab muscles are tight, and even with extreme swelling, you can see some definition.

I will take some more detailed pictures tonight when I get out of my binders. (I will have surgical drains in for at least another week, and be required to wear the binder at all times, except showering, for another 4 weeks).

I hope that those of you who are considering abdominoplasty will think long and hard before doing it. Do you have a support system? People to care for your children that first week so you can rest. Do you have people to come bring you dinner? People to visit you at the hospital? I know the only reason I am doing so well is because of the strong support system David and I have.

On a sad note - the flash on my camera stopped working! David is going to take it in tomorrow and hopefully they can replace it. So my pictures are blurry : ( But the kids are still cute!!

Jack is crawling everywhere, pulling himself up to standing, and climbing the stairs. They both love to stand at this activity table for 30+ minutes. They love it!

Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!!

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nikinikinine said...

so glad to read your updates and hear that you are doing well (better) I was worried about you!

I'm also glad that you're over the hump and really happy about your decision to have this done. Lots of love and prayers for continued improvement and happiness!