Monday, August 15, 2011

13 days post surgery

So, how am I doing? Well - I have good moments and bad moments. But for the most part, I'm doing well. My drain sites got infected. But they still wanted me to keep them in because I am still draining quite a bit of fluid. I am on antibiotics 2x/day, and it is clearing up.

I had a moment yesterday of some intense pain, and I cried to David, "why did I do this? Why did I put myself through all of this?"

Then the pain went away, and I took my binders off this morning. The swelling is continuing to move south (that is how the lymphatic system works...swelling moves down and eventually goes away) and I am looking better all the time.

Here is a front view with no girdle on, 13 days post surgery:


Up close. As you can see (these pictures aren't very clear, sorry), the skin that had the stretch marks and just hung down is gone. I am very tight in that area. Just some swelling.

Just to keep being totally honest - this is what it looks like to have the girdle on. You can also see my drains. They are inserted just above my scar and come out the bottom of the girdle.

Then this is what I look like 99% of the time - girdle, binder, and drains pinned up. I wear sweats over this mostly, although I did put on a pair if jeans on Saturday when we had company. But it isn't comfortable. I feel most comfortable in sweats.

They gave me a picture of the piece of skin they cut off me. It is crazy. I can't believe my twins did that to me. But I love them anyway : )

We are all doing great over here. Thanks so much for all the support through this. I hope my honesty about everything can help someone who is considering this surgery.

Painful? Yes. Emotionally draining: You bet. Worth it: I think so : )


Tabitha said...

I think you look amazing :)

E said...

I have 8 mo old twin boys and love your blog. I am considering this surgery...but have questions for you. Do you have an email address to reach out to?

Megan and David said...

E - sure! Email me at mlgriffith3 at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Looking good sister! BTW....the girdle is sex-y.

LaNeale Robertson said...

Lookin' good sister. BTW....that girdle is sex-y!