Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday fun

All you need for a good time with 3 kids is a laundry basket!

I am so happy and lucky that my kids like to play together. It is such a joy to watch.

First day of school is Tuesday! We had meet the teacher night last night, and I'm excited about what is in store for Paige this year. But it makes me sad that what was once a diaper stacker holder is now a backpack holder. My baby bug is growing up so fast : (

I decided to hire a fall nanny to come every Friday to stay with the boys. I get plenty of one on one (actually one on two - but you get the point) time with the twins when Paige is in school. But I feel like Paige hardly ever gets all my attention to herself.

She started today, and we had a great day!

First, we met our friend Presley and her awesome mommy at the park!

We went at 9:15 to try and beat the heat. Yeah right. We were all sweating within 15 minutes. But the girls played hard and were beat by 10:45.

Then, we headed to the mall for some AC, lunch, playing, and shopping!

I am so excited that I'll have this time with my daughter.

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Flutterby918 said...

She is beautiful, in the 2nd to last picture she looks exactly like a mini-you!!