Sunday, August 21, 2011

Another weekend comes and goes

Well, the potty is still only used as a toy. It has yet to be used as an actual potty. But all the kids seem to enjoy it!

We have had a big weekend! We had my whole family and some close friends over for dinner Saturday night. Then today, we went to breakfast, Paige and I went for a walk to the park, I got some "me" time and did some shopping* and got a pedicure, my mom came and got Paige for a slumber party, David and I took the boys to the park to swing...whew! I'm beat!
*my shopping was for some fun things to wear to OU games this fall! YAY!!!!

I miss my camera : ( It should be coming back to me either this week or next. Until then, I am still annoying my kids with capturing their cuteness.

And tomorrow...drumroll...I get my drains out. It has been 3 long weeks with these painful (and at times infected) things attached to me. I'm pretty nervous about the whole thing. I've stupidly been reading testimonials of others' experience with this, and the reviews are mixed. Some find it to be no big deal, just a little discomfort. And some find it to be unbelievably painful. Ugggh. Just hoping I fall in line with the former. Either way, I just want them out. I'll update with that an another weekly pic when it is over.

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