Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Sorry, no pictures. The flash on my camera stopped working, so I had to send it back to Ni.kon. I hope to hear word on it this week. I need to bust out my old one so I don't let too much time pass and miss what my babies looked like this week.

Something happened tonight. Something that reminded me what it means to be a mom. We did our usual bedtime routine: dinner, play, baths for all three. I watched my three children splash around in the tub. Laugh, play. I watched their father, the love of my life, carefully shampoo Paige's hair, gently rinse it out. With ease, he made sure the boys were clean, head to toe. I helped lotion, diaper, and get jammies on three precious, happy, and now clean kids. Then I took Jack back to the bedroom to feed him.

He fell asleep while eating, in my arms. I picked him up and let him lay on my chest. I felt him breath, in and out. I started thinking - these are the days. Hot tears were pouring down my face. I asked God, why? Why does time have to go so fast? Why can't I stay here, in this moment, with a perfect sleeping baby on my chest, a husband and two more kids a room a way. I was angry with myself for previous nights, when doing the same routine, I got annoyed with my precious child for not falling asleep fast enough. I have dishes to clean, bills to pay, a playroom to pick up, and I'd like to watch some TV before bed.

But tonight, I soaked up this moment. This perfect moment. I studied his ears. They are so tiny on his big head and fluffy hair. I looked at his ten little fingers. Freshly clipped finger nails. And his sweet fat feet. The smell of a little boy, straight out of the bath tub. I breathed in every ounce of my perfect son. I was thankful that, just for a little bit, everything was right in my world.

Tonight, my prayer is this: God, please help me to remember to cherish these days, always.


Dre said...

I could not agree with you more. As my youngest is two, I feel even more frantic to hold on to these days.

Life Happens said...

Came across your blog from Tabitha's blog (Paper Airplaines). Your kids are absolutely adorable!!

It's precious moments like these that makes us truly grateful for the blessings the Lord has bestowed upon us. He trusts us to care for his babies. :)

lsalim said...

you just made big tears pour down my cheeks!!! my twin girls are 9 months old and i feel the EXACT same way. thanks so much for sharing and reminding me what its all about. its so easy to get frustrated with all the "other" things we have to get done and often forget the really important part of having these sweet sweet little munchkins in our lives :)

kim said...

I love this.

Kristi said...

Love! I found myself doing that not too long ago. One of my twins woke up in the middle of the night and instead of rushing her back to sleep so I could get sleep, I found myself cherishing the moment and reminding myself that this doesn't and won't happen often!
Hope you are feeling better after your surgery!

Tabitha said...

Oh...this made me cry!! LOVE this.