Saturday, August 13, 2011

Happy Saturday!

I hate not having my camera : ( But I couldn't let time go by with no pictures - so I dug down in David's office and found my old crappy one. But I think the kids are cute regardless!

We are staying home all the time. I can't drive until I get my drains out. 8/22, as of now. Things have been harder than I thought. I figure I'll do weekly pictures for the next several weeks, so those who are considering a tummy tuck (yes, I called it a tummy tuck. I had been only referring to it as abdominoplasty, as it made me feel better. But let's call a spade a spade: I had a tummy tuck) can see the progress. Since I did my last one on Monday, we'll continue with Mondays!

Cute boys in their new jammies for fall!

Jack has a 6th sense and is totally aware of all doorstoppers in any room he is in.

Feeding time at our house

We have been spending a lot of time playing upstairs.

Tonight, we are having steak and wine night with some of our best friends out on our patio. I'm excited! I am pretty specific in who I allow to see me with a huge girdle, binder, and 2 drains coming out of my stomach! So I'm lucky that our friends come over to visit.

Hope yall are having a great weekend!


Amanda said...

Where did you get those adorable pjs for the boys? I love pjs without the feet and need some bigger sizes.

Stacy said...

I am wondering too where you got those super cute pj's. I love them!