Monday, August 29, 2011

A step backwards

I went to the plastic surgeons today for what was supposed to be my last visit. I was going to take my 'after' pic, be told how fabulous I looked, then be on my merry way.

Well, the PA took one look at my upper abs, and told me to put my clothes back on. No after pics for me happening that day.

She said there is a lot of fluid building up there. I had noticed it was swollen in the last couple days, but I thought it was just normal swelling.

Now, I have to go back on Friday when the doctor is back in town (umm...homeboy takes way to many vacations. Just sayin') and have him aspirate the fluid with a needle.

I'm upset because Friday is supposed to be my date day with Paige. So now, she is going to have to sit in a doctors office (thank goodness for the ipad) before we can start our fun.

I hope this is just a small glitch in the road to flat stomachville.

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