Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mobile boys, fly swatters, and back to school!

Remember all the cute photos of my little boys sitting and smiling? Those are a thing of the past. I sit them next to each other, step back, and then they look like this:

It makes me happy that I took pics of the boys sitting and smiling every day, because I can't see that happening again any time soon!

Love my 3 little ones : )

We have BBQs often in the summer, which is great and fun. However, people coming in and out means we have flies. David is excellent with a red-neck fly swatter (spatula). And now Paige has learned the true use of spatulas in our house:

Today was Paige's first day back at school! She was excited to see all her friends again and move up to the big girl classroom. She was a little apprehensive when she didn't go to her old room, but perked right up when she saw her friends in the big room coloring.

I remember her first day of school last year. Time is going too quickly. : (

I like being back in a normal routine. And hopefully Paige will start going to bed a little earlier now that she will be wearing herself out at school again. She has been resisting bedtime and staying up until 8:30/9 the last few weeks.

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