Thursday, September 1, 2011

Sooner cutie

This time of year is pretty exciting 'round these parts. Football time in Oklahoma!

We will be taking Paige with us to Norman on Saturday, then sending her home with my grandparents. Jack and Braley will be sitting this year out. First, they are crawling and want to be crawling all.the.time. So they would be miserable stuck in a stroller all day. Second, it is still above 100 here every single day. It is just too hot for them.

But we are excited for this little cutie to experience a little Sooner magic : )

We have a playdate with one of her school friends tomorrow, game on Saturday, family day on Sunday, then labor day party at the country club with my family on Monday. If it seems like we never stop - you'd be right! But I love every minute of it.

A few of yall asked where I got the boys jammies in a post below. If you were referring to the red stripe and blue stripe ones - the brand is Cotton Caboodle. It is a boutique brand that I LOVE. They only have a few things available on their website. But call around to boutiques in your area and see if they carry it. If they don't, encourage them to! I always place a big order in the spring and fall for my kiddos. A lot of what you see them wearing here is Cotton Caboodle.

Happy labor day weekend, everyone! Let's wrap up the summer and bring on fall!

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