Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Go away.

The girl you see in the picture above has a little bit of an attitude these days.

Her response any time she hears anything that is is remotely displeasing to her is, "GO AWAY!" She doesn't just say it, though. She says is while she is crying, throwing herself on the floor, and repeats it over and over again.

Example: "Mommy, I want chips."
"No, ma'am. We are going to eat lunch when the babies wake up from their nap."

Example: "Mommy, I want to watch Caillou!"
"Not right now, Paige. Would you like to read a book or go with mommy to play outside intstead?"

I am struggling with how to deal with these kinds of outbursts. We do time-outs in our house for things she actually does, like throwing food or hitting. But this seems like more of an emotional thing - like she can't deal with being upset about not getting what she wants. Seems to me that a time-out for that would not be very productive. I guess getting control of her emotions will just come in time.

It is funny - I thought we were in the throws of the terrible twos a few months ago. I had NO IDEA.

On the plus side, she has told me she had to go potty two days in a row now and actually gone. Yay!!

We are loving the cooler temps. We played outside after breakfast this morning and Braley has made a friend : )

Despite all the drama this girlfriend is throwing at me these days, she is still the light of my life.




Tiffany said...

I think the best way to handle those kind of tantrums is just to walk away. Ignore it. She' ll work through it.
She's not getting her way, so she's frustrated. Normal.

She's so cute, I can't believe that precious face is EVER cross with you ! LOL
Hang in there sister, your a great mommy!

Meredith said...

Let me know what you decide to do and if it works! My DD (she is 2.5) has been saying, "STOP, STOP!" to everything she doesn't like (much like where Paige would put the "Go Away"). The 2 year olds, fun! :)