Sunday, September 4, 2011

Cooler temps mean we get to play outside!

First - our first football Saturday was a success! David left early in the morning to set the tailgate up. The nanny got here around 1, so Paige and I pulled into Norman around 2:30. I can describe the experience in 1 word: HOT.

It was so hot, but we had plenty of cold beer, water, and coke zero - so of course, I was fine : ) We played corn hole, watched other games going on, and had a great day with family and friends! And the Sooners had a decisive victory. Great day!

Then today, it was cool enough out to play outside!

I brought the camera out and we spent over an our just running/crawling around.

I am blessed.

Paige was in a shockingly good mood. Shocking, because she is just such a hot mess these days! She is really starting to show her defiance, test the boundaries of independence, and really pushing our buttons! But with a face like this - she gets away with everything!

I love these three.

I am always thankful to have found success after infertility. My kids give me purpose and bring me happiness that I never knew existed. I am feeling especially thankful right now, but very mindful that not everyone is as lucky as me. I wish this weren't so.


Kelly said...

Paige is so cute and the boys are so precious in their polos!

cryercutie said...

You have an incredibly beautiful family Megan! I love your sweet kiddos :). I am so relieved to hear that other people are having difficulty with their toddlers! We are in a attitude slump in our house lately. least they are cute girls!