Monday, September 24, 2012

life through iPhone

I've said before and I'll say it again, I feel like our life is much more realistic through the eyes of my iPhone, versus my Nikon.  

Little trip to the park!

I hate going to Wal.Mart, but I was forced to brave it, since they are the only store around that carries Combos.  I am getting the sense that these aren't the most high-class of snacks...

Jack and Braley were not impressed at our little outing.

While David was setting the tailgate up Saturday, I took the kiddos (alone...smh) to Chick.fil.a.  It went very well, and the fact that Paige insisted on wearing her Snow.White costume meant we attracted a lot of attention.  As if 22 month old twins and a 3.5 year old don't attract enough attention!

And today, I loaded the boys in the stroller and let Paige give her scooter a whirl.  She LOVES it!  And she picked it up very quickly.

And now, despite the fact that I promised myself I was going to eat better this week to drop those last 5 pounds - I'm gobbling up freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  Life is good : )  I will regret this in the morning...

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sooners lost, but...

I know I am growing up when a Sooner loss doesn't leave me in tears and ruin my fall.  I'm not exaggerating.  I pouted walking to the car and for a few hours this morning, but snapped out of it : )  It's just football, right?

These precious babies are what matters!  

I think my baby daddy is pretty dang cute.

I finally broke down and let my mom take Paige to get her hair cut.  She needed it, it was getting stringy and dry at the bottom.  I love it!  I think it makes her look too grown up, though.

Sibling love.  Nothing better!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

iPhone picture dump

Never get tired of doing mommy and me pics with the reverse camera!

Saturday, we did some shopping with the kids, then fed the kids dinner at a little sandwich place.  We were planning on going straight to the country club, dropping the kids in the nursery, and eating dinner with some friends.  About midway through feeding the kids, I told David I didn't think Braley felt very well.  He said, oh, he is fine.  Just fussy.  I knew something was off, though.  We proceeded to drive out to oaktree anyway, and sure enough, I look back and Braley starts throwing up all over his carseat.  He threw up for the entire car ride home (obviously, we opted out of going to dinner!).

I brought him in, gave him a quick bath, then rocked him.  He fell right asleep (this was 6 PM).

Bless his little heart : (

But it was so strange - he woke up in the morning smiling, happy - like nothing had ever happened!  I think he ate something that didn't sit well.

Sunday, we decided to hit up the fair!  We thought Paige might like some rides...

am I tall enough?

Sure am!

But we aren't : (

maybe next year!

By the time she had done 2 or 3, she was hooked.  And did NOT want David or myself to go with her. She wanted to do it by herself.  We had a wonderful time!

Technology today is amazing.  Paige can do puzzles with her dad on the iPad.

And last, we have had weather that is out of this world amazing lately.  Trips to the park are a given every day!

Twin love : ) : )