Saturday, September 8, 2012

Boomer Sooner!

I'm exhausted, but wanted to get these photos on tonight because who knows when I'll have time to do it again! We have a busy Sunday and week ahead of us.  

David leaves early in the morning to get the tailgate set up, so I had the kids alone for the morning.  I lost my mind and decided to get Braley's hair cut.  It looks adorable, but that was seriously the worst 20 minutes of my life.  I'll just say - screaming bloody murder, violent thrashing, yelling NO NO NO NO. Yeah.  Good times.  

However, after an early nap, all 3 were in great moods and we packed up and headed to Norman!  

Paige came with us to the game, the boys went home with the nanny.  Little love did great!  She loved the band and the ponies (Boomer and Sooner, who come out every time we score.  Happened a lot today!).  Didn't like all the loud noises.

LOVED the snacks that come along with football.

My 3 precious loves.  Sooners born and bred.

A little southern girl at a football game!

Yes, kitty cat and Jack's baby came.  They take them everywhere.  Bless them.

Mom, tailgating rocks!!


What a fun day!  I'm beat.


cryercutie said...

Precious Sooner Fans!!! Glad Paige enjoyed it :)!

Jamie said...

Precious! Where did you get Paige's boots! I'm on the hunt for some cute boots for my daughter and haven't found much this season!

Megan and David said...

They are from Baby Gap!