Monday, September 26, 2011

More fun with my new phone

I am obsessed with my new phone. I got an app for editing photos and it is way too much fun. And now I can annoy my kids even more with chasing them around trying to take their picture.

We had a lovely Monday. Breakfast, gym, nap, walk, lunch, nap, play time, dinner, walk, bath, bed.

I chopped my hair off last Christmas, and while I did like it, I didn't cut it again. I have been getting just trims since then and it is finally starting to really grow back out. Thoughts? Keep growing? Cut short again? Try and keep it just the same?
Little loves doing some cooking : )
Braley is still doing wonderfully eating! He is eating his table foods just as well as Jack now.

And now, me being me, I'm just waiting for the next thing to make me upset/worried. I know it won't be long. Just my nature.


cryercutie said...

I vote cut it short again! It was really cute short, but you look cute either way. Missing u guys!

kerry said...

I didn't see it short but I think it looks cute longer. I recently cut my hair shorter and I'm dying for it to grow a little longer again (so I may be projecting a bit!).

I have a question -- what iphone photo editing app did you get? I'm looking for one and am curious. TIA!

Anonymous said...

I vote short! I just got mine cut shoulder length, with layers and LOVE it!! :)

Megan and David said...

Kerry - it is the photo shop express (ps express) - LOVE it!!!

Megan and David said...

Oh, and the best part - it is a free app!