Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mommy and me portraits

First - some random things:

Playdate with Paige's friend, Logan! Somehow, these girls always end up losing their shirts when they play. Let's just hope that trend doesn't continue in their teens : /

A little trip to the grocery store with my little companions today while Paige was in school. As you can imagine - sitting in the shopping cart together dressed alike drew many admirers.

It is official: I'm having way too much fun with my iphone4. I love the reverse camera feature. I never get pics of me with the kids, because I'm always the one with the camera. But now, we have a fun way of getting them. And the kids are fascinated by looking and seeing themselves and mommy in the screen.

Love this little Braley bubber cub.

Mommy with The Fat Jack.

Random - but I just got Paige's new ottoman in, and I love it! It was made from leftover scraps of fabric I had from things in our house. The pink was from Paige's lamp shade, but everything else from other things in our house. It looks like such a big girl room to me now.

We have a busy weekend! David is going to be gone tomorrow night, so the kids and I are going to the zoo with some friends! It will be hectic for me, but I want to get everyone out of the house. Then, Saturday is the OU game. I've got a sitter coming in the afternoon and I'll head down to Norman for some fun and football. Sunday, we are going to deck our house out for fall and do our fall planting. And I'm in full-swing party mode for the boys' birthday party in November.

Things get tough around here, no doubt. But I am loving every minute of this blessed life that I lead.

Happy weekend, friends!! xoxo


Kelly said...

Don't you love the iphone?! Only problem is I tend to take more pics with that than my nice camera.... it's much quicker! - and an easy text or email picture to hubs/family.

I'm also glad you posted the pic of them in the cart together....never thought of positioning them that way. whenever we go to target, I carry one and put the other in the car. - definitely more attention in a cart with twins!

jenhill17 said...

meghan I am having my surgery on tuesday, do you have any suggestions you could email me beyond all of your wonderful posts? My mom will be here to help and I have a nanny here when I"m at work so she'll still be coming. Any suggestions on what to eat/clothes to wear, how to handle my 9mo old twins? Thanks so much! You seem to have recovered so well and I'm hoping to do the same!

Jody said...

You are one hot mama.

Megan and David said...

jenhill17 - sure thing! Email me at MLGriffith at gmail dot com.