Wednesday, August 17, 2011

9 month well-child

A few things surprised me by this appointment. But for the most part it went very well!



Weight: 18lb 11oz (25%)
Height: 27" (25%)
Head: 95% (lol)


Weight: 20lb 1oz (50%)
Height: 27" (25%)
Head: 75%

I was shocked at how Braley is falling off the charts. And it makes me feel guilty that I can't get him to take much formula at all. It makes me wish that I hadn't quit nursing. But my doctor assured me that he is doing okay. She gave me the okay to slowly start introducing whole cows milk, as he might like that better. She said I can also give him full-fat yogurt. And she said, just give him what he likes (which is oatmeal mixed with any fruit and breastmilk). He will eat bowls and bowls of that!

She said the rest of their development is right on track! The boys were chatting up a storm with each other before she came in the room, but she was standing right outside. When she came in, she said, well I don't even have to ask you if they are vocalizing well!

I was a little nervous that Jack doesn't really combine syllables with consistency (like mamamama and dadadada). But she heard him and said he is doing exactly what he should be doing at this point.

One interesting thing - she said that sometimes twins don't develop normal language as quickly as singleton babies because they develop their own little language with each other and don't feel the need to form words. She stressed the importance of talking to them, reading them books, and singing, etc., to make sure that they do learn. No problems there! That is what spend 80% of our day doing!

I continue to be thankful for the good health of my kids. We are blessed


kim said...

L&S didn't start talking until 17 months! But they signed a ton so the Pedi wasn't worried. And you helped me not worry, too.

Glad they are on track! They are just so perfect, as is their big sister. XO

juliane2004 said...

Wow! I didn't know that about twins and language. Very interesting!

Miche said...

My daughter was smaller than Braley at her 9 month appointment so no worries :)

I'm still nursing and she is still smaller because she doesn't like food.

Don't beat yourself you because you are doing the very best you can!

They are adorable!

Lindsey B said...

Jack weighs more than Kate!!

I can't believe they are 9 months! Growing up too fast!