Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Life with a 2 year old

So I always heard people talk about the "terrible two's." And yes, Paige has had her moments from about 18 months on, but she has, for the most part, been pretty easy. I secretly walked around with my nose in the air thinking, "I wonder if it is superior parenting, or if my child is just especially good? Probably a combination of both, I imagine."

Well, reality has visited my house. Paige is all about the drama, the meltdowns, throwing anything she can find, swatting at anything in her way. Screaming, "NO! NO! NO! Go away, mommy!" Then flailing her arms at me, throwing herself on the floor, spilling the dogs food and water, causing a loud noise that makes both babies cry...all because I tried to help her peel her banana.

Good grief. Her answer to everything is, "no, I don't like (insert what you asked her here)."

Example: Paige, do you want to take a bath? Answer: No, I don't like to take a bath.

Paige, do you want to eat dinner? Answer: No, I don't like dinner.

Paige, do you want to go night night in your big girl bed? Answer: No, I don't like to go night night.

Fine. This is all fine. The trouble lies in when we ask her if she wants to do something she really does want to do. She is so conflicted. On one hand, she really wants to do what we have suggested. But the other part of her is so determined to be defiant...she just melts down.

Example: Paige, do you want to watch Caillou? Answer: (looks around, mulling over this decision)....hysterically crying, throwing herself on the floor, "Caillou! Caillou!" Insert David and me looking very confused here.

So, my almost 2 and a half year old is giving me a run for my money.

On the other hand, she is also saying the following things on a regular basis:

"mommy, I love you." "mommy, you are so pretty." "I am an angel." "I am so cute."

So it all evens out.

Can I just say for the 100th time that I miss my camera. Hopefully I get it back this week.


kerry said...

I have to laugh b/c I could've written this exact post, literally almost word for word! My daughter was actually great during the 2s....yes, we had some fits and tantrums but I found them humorous in general. Cut to when she turned 3 and everything changed. Complete meltdowns, crying, kicking -- all for no real reason except she was trying to express herself. My husband and I also looked on in confusion most of the time. Fortunately, when she's sweet, she's SO SO sweet, it can *almost* make the not-so-sweet moments disappear but oh my goodness, it's tough!

Leanne said...

Maybe it would help if you reframed the questions so that she has a choice between A or B rather than asking "Do you want..." For example, "Do you want to use the red or the pink plate for dinner" where she has to do what's expected but feels some control. Just a thought.