Tuesday, August 16, 2011

9 months old!

First, remember my freak outs about Braley's lack of mobility? Well, as of today he can officially get himself from the sitting position...

almost there...
to crawling! All by himself! And he is also crawling! Finally : ) Jack is standing and crusing all over, and Braley is SO close. I am no longer worried at all about his gross motor skills. Naturally, it is just my nature to find something else. I feel like Jack doesn't babble very much. I am excited tomorrow is the boys' 9 month well child, so I'm sure she will tell me I'm nutso (if I had a nickel...). I am also excited to hear how much they weigh!

The kids and I have our routine in the morning. I get Paige up, we go in and get the boys up, everyone goes back to my room. Paige eats her breakfast while I feed the babies their morning bottle. She is allowed to eat her breakfast out of her highchair and with the ipad watching Caillou, so Paige loves breakfast time!
Only this morning, Jack finished his bottle before Braley, so I put him down on the ground and he would not leave Paige alone!

He was loving it. Bless her heart, she was kind of annoyed. I told her to get ready, girlfriend. Her life is going to be filled with being annoyed by her brothers.

But it is also filled with love for them.
Sometimes, it truly blows my mind how blessed I have been. I love my beautiful children.

Happy 9 months to my sweet boys!!

I am exhausted by everything lately. Once again, this surgery is proving to be a lot more than I ever imagined.

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