Monday, February 28, 2011

Big change

Jack has had a super dry scalp for a while now. It turned into something worse in the last few weeks - bleeding, sores, and scale-like flakes. David decided that in order to treat his scalp better, we needed to shave his head. So shave his head he did...

They really look like twins now!

His scalp looks SO much better now. I apply the oil directly to it and the cream to help where he had rubbed sores and I can see a lot of improvement in just 2 days. But I am really sad! I miss that messy black hair! I know it will grow back...and David knows that he is to NEVER do that again.


Alyssa said...

We have to shave our son's head for the same reason. How did you do it? I am scared of hurting him or something.

Lindsey said...

I can't wait to see what color it is when it grows back!

And I am glad his poor head is feeling better!

Jill said...

Why is fat and bald so cute on a baby but not so cute on an adult? I'd be upset if someone shaved my baby's head, but it all worked out.

BTW, love your blog. You really are super mom.