Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas in College Station

We got in very late last night from a visit to College Station to celebrate Christmas with David's family. We had such a great visit!  I love that the kids are old enough to remember their grandparents even when we go a few months between seeing them.  They were all excited to go to Gabby and Poppy's house, and were sad when we had to leave!

They have a keyboard there, which is a huge hit.

Gabby cooked us spaghetti one night, and someone was giddy waiting for her plate!

A must to deal with the chaos of a huge family spaghetti night.  Love having in-laws around to help with the kids : )

Not impressed with waiting for his to cool.

Love him.

Watching a little MMCH after dinner

Candy man

Ready to open PRESENTS!  So Paige is super excited about getting presents this year.  We ate dinner, gave them a bath, then told her it was time to go open presents.  She said, okay!  While we were still in the bathroom cleaning up after their bath, Paige ran out to the tree, and started opening presents.  They were not for her.  But how could you get mad at that!?  She just couldn't contain her excitement any more!  Then, this morning back at home, she came out of her room upon waking and said, "it's CHRISTMAS!  Let's open our PRESENTS!"  I said, "no, today is Christmas Eve!  We get our presents from santa tomorrow!"  She said, "oh," and promptly turned around and went back to bed.  Day wasn't worth starting if presents weren't involved, I guess ; )  But I digress - we opened presents from Gabby, Poppy, and Aunt Carolyn in College Station:

Braley not impressed with my group photo idea

My kids and my niece, Alleigh.  (David's sister's little girl)


A daddy of a little girl helps with high heels, earrings, and loves every second of it : )

Never know the mischief twin boys are finding.  I don't know what they were getting into right here.  Probably best it stays that way.  

It was hot there.  I am talking, high 70s, humid as all get out.  So not really hot - but not Christmas weather, that's for sure.  Good thing we came home to 30s and snow in the forecast tomorrow!  However, we did get to spend a lot of time outside on our trip!

I teared up (I do that a lot...) watching David teach the kids how to play catch.  What a privilege raising children is.  And an even better blessing to have someone I love to share this with.

Gabby and Poppy have an elementary school down the street from them with an awesome playground.

David and his momma.

Today, we are going to unpack, recoup a little from our long drive, go to church at 4, and do dinner at home with our little family.  We host my family on Christmas day.  Merry Christmas to everyone!! xoxo

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