Monday, December 3, 2012

record highs

Record highs in December?  I'll take it.  Yesterday was high 70s, so of course, we made the most.  I can't get enough of this weather.  I wish it was like this year around.  

Jack continues to blow us away with his vocabulary.  And his problem-solving ability.  He acts much more like a 3 year old than a 2 year old.  

I'm proud of Braley's progress as well.  Yesterday he said, "I have 2 kitty cats!"

And he is all about his daddy.  He is extremely mischievous, a little sneaky, and can be slightly ornery.  Which is exactly what David was like as a child (and maybe, so I'm not surprised those 2 have bonded ; )

The boys get confused when we feed the ducks.  They think a duck says, "quack quack!"  But when we are at the pond, the noise they hear out of them does not sound like that.  They look around and say, "car?  Where's the car?"  Guess it sounds more like a horn beeping.

We also have trouble sharing our bread with the ducks.

There is that mischievous little face...

Hope this weather keeps us, but I'm pretty sure our luck is about to change.

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