Thursday, December 27, 2012

no post-Christmas blues here

Not even a hint of post-Christmas blues over here.  We have a fun New Years planned (sans kiddos!) and an even more fun trip to Dallas for the Cotton Bowl (again sans kiddos.  Big happy faces here!).  The kids and I had to say goodbye to daddy for the first time in a week today.  But he only works today and tomorrow before we have him home again.  I really could get used to this 24/7 helper thing...

I got a new flash for my camera from David's folks for Christmas, and I am thrilled that my 3 little models wanted to cooperate for practice this morning!  (or, I bribed them with cheerios.  You pick).

I die for these little shirts.  So dang cute.

Back to normal routine is good.  But we sure do miss having David around!

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