Monday, January 7, 2013

back to it

David and I had a wonderful time in Dallas, until the actual game.  We were thankful for the time with each other and some friends.

It was nice getting back to normal routine today!  David has practically not worked in 2 weeks!  It was great having the help at home, and of course I love family time and time alone together, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't happy to get back to doing things "my" way.  

Back to the grind today after nearly a month of slacking off and eating like crap.  We hit up the gym this morning, boys took a nap (Paige is done with naps). When they got up, I decided we all needed some fresh air and exercise.  It is cold out, but I knew with the right bundling, we could make it.  

I didn't even bring the stroller, I was determined for us to all walk!  It went very well!  The boys liked not being strapped in, I think.  I'm lucky that they love to hold hands, with each other and with me.  We stayed on the sidewalk and did great!  

Only stayed at the park for maybe 15 minutes.  They wanted to continue on our walk!

Made our way to the trail and took a little nature walk.  Looking for acorns and squirrels to feed the acorns to.

Jack took off towards the door when we got in front of our house.  He came in and planted himself on the couch asking for goldfish.

Hope 2013 is off on the right foot for everyone!

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aMUSEing said...

jack is my kind of guy...couch and goldfish, sounds like heaven ;)