Tuesday, January 22, 2013

talking a walk

Paige wasn't 100% yet today, though she is getting better.  She said she wanted to go on a walk this afternoon, and it was beautiful out, so I said, "let's go!"  

I'm loving this no stroller thing.  The boys get great exercise and love the freedom!  And, they fall asleep VERY fast, so - win/win/win : )  We walked to the playground, then on the trail, then back to the house.  It is well over a mile.

We ran into our neighbors/friends along the way!  The kiddos tried to all squeeze in the wagon.  That lasted less than 30 seconds.

Jack was happy to give his brother a lift.


Then little Samuel hopped in!

Paige and I have our weekly date day tomorrow.  It is going to be 60s and sunny, so I'd love to take her to the zoo.  Hoping a good night's sleep and good breakfast will give her the energy to do that.

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