Sunday, January 20, 2013

gymnastics, museums, and the ER

If it were my new year's resolution to be a better blogger, I'd be a failure.  Thankfully, that wasn't it.

I have also been slacking on getting my big camera out, and I vow to do better on that.

Here is our week in iPhone pics!

More shoe models

More trips to Freebirds than I care to admit

First day of big girl gymnastics!  She is no longer in parent/child classes.  She did WONDERFULLY!  Such a big girl.

Bubs and I are in the parent/child toddler class.  It took them a few minutes to warm up, but they ended up loving it.  We go again tomorrow, so I hope they want to start playing right away.

They have a wonderfully daddy

Paige and I had a cookie date

And we took a trip to the science museum

Unfortunatly, most of our fun ended there.  Paige woke up at 3 AM early Saturday morning vomiting.  She stayed in our room the rest of the night - multiple baths, throwing up in our bed and changing sheets a few times, and very little rest for anyone.  She was so pitiful.

Jack and Braley were feeling fine, and it was a gorgeous day out, so I decided to take them out for a walk and let Paige rest with David at home.

Lots of new construction in our neighborhood, and we love walking to see the bulldozers.

Well, things for Paige took a turn for the worse as the afternoon went on.  She couldn't keep anything down.  Water came up right away.  Pedialite, she pretty much refused.  We finally tried giving it to her in a syringe.  She threw it right up.  She started becoming lethargic, her lips were dry, and when she would do her pitiful cry, there were no tears.  To the ER we went!

Luckily, there is a hospital right down the street from us, and we pretty much had the ER to ourselves.  Waited less than 5 minutes, the nurse rocked and Paige didn't even flinch when they got her IV in.  2 bags of fluids, zofran, a popsicle kept down, and we got to go home.  In and out in 3 hours.

She slept well that night, no more throwing up.  She did wake up around 1, but we gave her more zofran and she was fine.  Honestly, though, I was a little surprised by how much she still struggled today.  She still has zero appetite, and slept pretty much on and off all day.  She is very weak and frail.  We are hoping she wakes up and wants some breakfast tomorrow.  Thankfully, she drank water well today.

We took the bubs to a birthday party already scheduled.  Paige tried to come, but she was just so weak and tired.  : (  I felt sorry for her, she would have loved the gymnastics party.  At least we have gymnastics this week!!

Boys had lots of fun, though!

I thought, hey, I bet Paige will eat a popsicle!  She loved the one in the ER!  Off to the grocery store I run, and Paige wanted no part of it.  Jack and Braley happily helped themselves.

And before bed tonight, Braley was so happy to have his sissy back home and starting to feel better.  

Gah.  Can not get enough of these 2.  They are loving each other so much right now.  

PRAYING no one else in this house gets this nasty virus.  Seems the chances are slim, but a girl can hope, right?


Kelly said...

Hope she's feeling better. My 2 yr old twins got it last Sunday night. It was awful. The hubs and I got it Tuesday night and it took me two days to recover! Then my cousin and aunt that were in the house a few days later got it... nasty bug and very contagious!
Hope the rest of your house stays well :)

Kelly said...

Hope she is feeling better and the rest of the family is staying healthy. My twins got it last Sunday night, then the hubs and I got it Tuesday night. It was awful. THEN my aunt and cousin that were in the house a few days later caught it. Nasty bug and very contagious!