Monday, January 14, 2013

Valentine's Day photo shoot outtakes

Getting an almost 4 year old and 2 year old twins to sit still for a photo is so easy and a good time for everyone.  - no mom ever.

We had a great Sunday with church, lunch, naps, shopping, and early bedtime for everyone!  David and I have become obsessed with yet another show - Game.of.Thrones.  I'm dragging this morning after staying up way to late watching episodes on demand.  And I got to sleep in until 8:15!  I an nervous about how David is feeling waking up at 6 for work : /

And today we start gymnastics!!  Stay tuned for how this goes.  If I thought photos with these boys was fun, I can't wait to see what I think about tumbling.  Ha!


Lisa said...

Still so cute!! Your an amazing mother!

The Millers said...

de-lurking! your three are so cute. you've inspired me to take some valentine's pics of my jack.

Laila's Charming Pieces said...

I came across your blog, searching for valentine photo shoots with my little girl. I love your page & blogs but you don't have an option to follow you... I would love to get updates on your blogs. Also wanted to let you know I was truly blessed to read that you had luck with IVF, my 7 yr old brother & sister were IVF twins. They are an amazing gift from God. God Bless!
-Tara from Laila'