Thursday, January 10, 2013

Catching up

I like getting all the photos off my iPhone, I use it far more than I should (I should bring out my big camera, but that seems like too much of a chore unless they are dressed cute, or the weather is nice and we are outside), but it seems to capture more of the real Griffith family.

Braley got used to having daddy home over the Christmas/New Years holiday.  He is slowly getting the hang of only having me around, but those first few days broke my heart.  He asked for daddy right away when I got him out of his crib.  Then he walked back to his closet, looking, opening the bathroom door, looking in there.  He seemed so confused : (  bless him.  There is a very special bond between these two, and I am so thankful for it.   Having 3, I really want them to all feel special and loved, and I worry sometimes that they won't get everything they need from me.  As they get older, I'm learning that David and I have plenty of love to give to them, and they know that they are loved.  

These shirts kill me.  Especially SuperBraley with his kitty cat.  Speaking of, I sure did order a back up (her official name is Duchess the cat - LMAO!) just in case.  He is beyond attached to that thing.

2 headbands, hello kitty top, stripe pants, leopard boots.  The uniqueness of Paige's fashion sense knows no bounds.  I love it.

Jack and Braley's fashion sense is starting to evolve as well.  They think they look great in daddy's shoes.  First, I'll say that David has a bordering on sickening obsession with running shoes.  He has 8 pair sitting out right now.  He has them all lined up neatly, in order of how often he uses them.  The boys love to go back there and mess them all up, model them, and take a few laps around the house.  You will see this as a continuing trend in this post.

Another thing of Paige's that knows no bounds?  Her love of Hello Kitty.

Going back a few weeks here - we had a fun NYE.  Thunder game then dinner at that new restaurant on top of the Devon building.  It was way too expensive and not that good.  But we did see several Thunder stars : )

David has taken it upon himself to start dressing the boys.  He came home with these sport coats a few weeks ago, and just thought - only my husband would run over to the mall randomly and pick out things for his little boys.

I can't decide whether it is sad or not that at NYE, I asked our friends to give me their beads to take home because Braley likes them so much.

Here we are modeling running shoes again.

I don't think it gets much cuter than batman, his kitty cat, and his blankie.

I am trying to block out the memories of our Cotton Bowl trip.  The truth is - it was really fun until the game!  And even after the game was fun, David and I were staying at our own hotel, away from our friends.  We went and got a midnight burger from In--and-Out, got to sleep it was a good trip!  I guess I'll allow it to be documented in the blogging world.

Batman had a kitty cat he pushed in his pink stroller.  Did you not know that?

Oh, and KD loves his beads.

Braley got a hair cut (by David - he really is a Jack of all trades, my husband...) and now he and Jack look so much more alike.  Their hair really defined them, and now it is very similar as Braley has lost most of his precious curls.  : ( : (  I've been in denial about it.  But it was time to face facts.

I can't imagine a house now with just 1 child.  These 3 are becoming the best playmates.  I let them in the playroom by themselves while I clean up downstairs, put laundry away, start dinner, etc.  I came up yesterday and Paige had arranged the coloring books and crayons for all 3 of them.

I will give you a thousand dollars if you can spot a picture of Braley without his kitty cat.  Not really - I'm sure there are plenty.  But that things sure never leaves his side.  We have to pry it out of his hands to get her in the washing machine.  Which I try to do daily, or at least every other day.  Then he stands in front of it and cries.  It is pitiful.

Ordering a pizza before taking her for a little stroll.

Then feeding her a snack.  I said, "Braley, what is your kitty cat eating?"  He said, "Queso."  smh.  A Griffith family staple, no doubt.

Paige had her first dentist visit yesterday.  No judgements for having had it take this long, please.  When you have 3 18 months apart, then you can judge me.  So there are a few out there, I know, but not many ; )

She did GREAT!  Loved it.  The office was really nice and they were all so good with her.  Lest you write me off as a terrible mom completely, I have already scheduled her another visit in 6 months and Jack and Braley will be coming this time for their first visit.  They'll be 2 and 3/4.  Not too late, right?

As a post-dentist treat, for being such a big girl, we went and got our nails done.

Yes, I got mine done too.

Whew.  That was long.  

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Love the hello kitty pancake maker!!your kids are too cute!