Tuesday, August 7, 2012

weekend journey

Wow!  Hectic week and weekend, now the hubby and I are kicking back relaxing!

I had a girls weekend planned for this past weekend, so I had to get my pampering done : )

Spent as much time with the wee ones as I could before I left town!

Braley is Ha-larious lately.  He *loves* all the "girl" toys.  The benefit to having a big sister is all the awesome girly things you get to play with!  He loves his oven mitt and stroller.

I had to sneak in and snap a few photos of the boys sleeping.  Bless them.

Just a sweet little boys and his cat!  What an angel - sucking his thumb with his arm around his pink cat.  Be still my heart!

I baked David some treats before I left!  I knew he would need it after long days with the kids!

And enjoyed rocking my precious loves...

Before I headed out!

My 2 years of infertility/IVF were dark, dark days.  However, I had the tremendous pleasure of meeting some of the most amazing women I have ever met.  We get together once a year in various locations, and I decided to make the trip this year!  We had 2 fun days in Nashville.  Lots of cocktails, laughs, food, and relaxing!  We even made it to the spa for some treatments!  We are all moms, several of us have twins, multiple kids close in age...and we have all fought the same battle and won.  We have a special kind of bond - one that only comes when you go through tough times together.

We actually had one sweet little preggers there who was a great sport!  At the bar (drinking water : ) ) and having just as much fun as everyone else!  Love her!

One of our tables at dinner.  Cheers!

Love this girl - one of the only other people I know who understands what having 3 under 2 is like : )

On my way home, I got delayed in Houston for 3.5 hours.  I was bawling (literally - sobbing) on the phone with David because I just wanted to get home.  And he put me on speaker phone and the kids all singing, "hi, mommy! we miss you, mommy!"  sucked the breath out of me and I just couldn't take it.

But I made it!  Finally!

Sweet, sweet reunion!

Now back to the daily grind!  And thankful for it.

I am having one of those moments where I am thankful for my disease that caused infertility.  It brought David and I together as a couple to beat it.  It lead me to 3 miracles, and I'm a better mother because of the journey.  And I have made a few very special friendships, for which I am a better person.


Anonymous said...

Random comment but I love the blue polka dot top you're wearing in a few of those pics...do you mind sharing where you got it??

And, of course, your kids are adorable! I always love seeing your pics of them!

Megan and David said...

Thank you! It is a dress from Anthroplogie:


Can't rave about it enough! Comfortable and fun! Dressed up or down.