Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Week 19 appointment

Went well! My weight: actually up 11 pounds! I was shocked! Of course, I had just eaten a massive lunch at the Panera right by Mercy. Plus a huge diet coke and I had to pee. But 11! Dr. B was thrilled! Conventional wisdom says 20 pounds in 20 weeks is best for multiples...but I don't really buy into that. I think my weight gain is perfect.

The boys are HUGE. My uterus is measuring between 25 and 26 weeks. LOL. So I know that my boys are growing and growing.

My blood pressure: 110/64, which is normal for me.

I told her that I had been having some pelvic pain. Nothing huge, just some tightness and slight discomfort. She did an internal to make sure everything was okay. Cervix is nice, long, closed, and firm! So perfect! Considering the fact that I carry around a 20 lb toddler all day, some pressure and discomfort is to be expected.

She wants me to slowly cut back on my activity level. I'll still be going to the gym, but I need to be resting more at home. Every time Paige naps, I am to lay down in bed.

Ultrasound with the MFM tomorrow! I keep having this weird feeling that they are going to tell me it is actually a girl and a boy. Funny - that is what I wanted from the start. But now I think I might be sad! I'm so excited for my two boys!!! Considering the fact that she was 95% sure on one and 99% sure on the other - I doubt the situation is going to be changing. But we will see tomorrow!

Paige was with a sitter all morning while I went to the gym and the doctor. She did great! I came home to a happy, fed, and well-rested toddler! Man, I love that God invented babysitters : )

Oh yeah - I am feeling movements! Only from the baby on my right. He is out of control. Kicks and rolls that can be seen from the outside even! His brother, who is much lower and responsible for my pelvic pressure and frequent trips to the ladies room, is very mellow and hasn't made his presence aware with kicks yet. Magical feelings, though.


Alicia said...

Im glad to hear all is well with you. I just found out im pregnant again too! Im 6 weeks! Its been 8 years for me though! Isnt it exciting?!

Tabitha said...

So glad to hear that you (and those precious babies) are doing well! Praying!

Lindsey said...

So glad the boys are doing well - I'm off to shop for them and get things made! I am SO excited!!!