Friday, July 9, 2010

Home alone means I blog

David went to a friend's going away party, so I am home alone. I put the bug to bed around 8:30 and have been baking cookies and watching re-runs. Here are a few shots of my precious Paige in her bath:

She LOVES to cover here eyes and have you say: "where is Paige?!?" Cutest thing ever.

She is getting so smart! If you ask her where her duck is, she picks it up! Same goes for her fish. I tell ya - the kid is going places!
The most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on. I can't believe how much I love her.
We are fully recovered from our stomach bug...but I noticed 2 teeth poking through on the bottom and the pediatrician mentioned that her back gums where her molars will be are swollen. Teething = suckiness. Paige followed me around the house this morning and cried for me to hold her. At all times. I called my babysitter and said, "can you come over for a few hours this morning? Please and thanks." So I got a few hours relief from the sweet little thing : )

Almost 19 weeks!
I hate to admit that I lost 4 pounds while on vacation : ( I am not pleased with this, as I know a steady weight gain will be important for the twins. I can feel it in my pants.
I was stressed about David and Paige being sick, walking a ton, flying all adds up to me not doing the best job I can. I have been eating a lot since Paige has been feeling better - including a huge dinner out tonight and the cookies baking in the oven!! I know I'll bounce back!

A new maternity shirt my mom got me on vacation. I love it! So elegant, so it looks nice with black pants if I have somewhere nice to go - but cute with jeans and flip-flops.
I hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Lindsey said...

Paige is such a cutie! You need to get some video of all the new things she is doing!

And, you look great - don't beat yourself up about your weight loss. Just keep making cookies! I'm sure the boys are growing great - you get to see them again this week!!!

lparsons15 said...

I think you look great..I would be stressed too if I was in your place..Paige is such a litle doll, she is seriously Stunning! Thank you for letting me follow your blog!

Christa said...

Such a pretty pregnant woman!! Mwahhh

Val said...

Paige is cute and so are you,so don't worry yourself to much