Saturday, February 25, 2012

Gymboree Saturday

I have been slacking on this blog! Truth is, I feel like I am running out of ways of saying, "I am blessed, I love these kids, Braley is getting on my last nerve wanting to be held all day long, Jack is in to everything..." I mean, really, not a whole lot else going on here!

We have been going to gymboree on Saturdays lately, since we find someone to watch Paige and then David and I can each focus on a baby.

Braley is getting better and better at dealing with strangers. Again, broken record here, I feel like school in June will be the only thing that gets him truly comfortable outside his own home environment. Take today, for example. We were 15 minutes early to gymboree. We were the only ones in there. He did GREAT. Playing, laughing, not even aware of where we were. The first family walks in, and it is thumb in the mouth, find mom or dad, and lay his little head down. But he IS getting better. I do see improvement. Just not as much as I want.

Hope everyone has a nice weekend!

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jenhill17 said...

We are starting 'my gym' this week,which I think is similar to Gymboree and I cannot wait. My babes are 14mos and don't get to interact with other kiddies all that much so I think this will be great! Seems like the boys are slowly warming up to it all :)