Monday, February 27, 2012


I am going to work on not judging people for their choices/parenting styles/marriages/habits, etc. I think it is such a natural impulse, and is stronger in some people than others. It has always been strong in me. I find it easy to fall into the trap of thinking the way you live your life is better.

I have felt judged lately. By someone who I didn't think would judge me. And as I have been talking about this, it makes me feel hypocritical, because I judge people when the choices they make aren't ones that I would make. So I am starting with myself, and going to work on the whole "live and let live" thing I keep hearing about.

And a few hours in, I think I am doing well : )

Today is a beautiful day! I love getting to play outside!

And who wouldn't give an arm to have this hair?

I love my kids.


Lisa said...

Glad to see you working on the spiritual side since you put so much emphasis on things physical and material.o

Megan and David said...

LOL - thanks.

Anonymous said...

Just thought you might want to use the correct spelling, judgment, without the e, but not judging your spelling.

Megan and David said...

Goodness, I feel stupid that I missed that! Thank you! Fixed it : )