Sunday, July 3, 2011

I love long weekends!

We are having a fun and busy holiday weekend. Friday night, David and I went on a date night to our favorite restaurant in Edmond. We met up with some friends for cocktails later. Our babysitter said the kids were perfect and went to bed without trouble. Always what you want to hear!

Saturday, we went to the pool, David played golf, and we cooked dinner at home.

Today, we did breakfast, I did a mani/pedi, we did some shopping, pool, and a neighborhood party! David is watching True.Grit right now, and I was not interested, so I'm watching old school 90210 and blogging.

Tomorrow, I have the morning to myself! I am going to do some shopping. I need some new make-up. David is golfing in the afternoon, and then we have a 4th BBQ. We have a sitter for the twins and we are going to take Paige to the country club to see fireworks. I don't think we will last long. She hates loud noises. But we are going to give it a go.

It is hotter than way too hot. If we aren't at the pool, we are playing in the playroom.

Jack gets more and more mobile every day!

Paige loves marching bands! She loves to play the drums.

Girlfriend loves to chat on the phone.

Double fisting talking to 2 friends at once!

I'm having some trouble with this Braley bubber cub. He has 2 teeth now. Great, right? NOT if you are nursing still. I hope we can work past this biting phase. I told David today I'm giving it another week. If I keep getting bitten (bitten? or bit? not sure on the grammar here) every day, I'm done.

I die over this boy. He is such an angel. Who bites lol.

Am I the most blessed person in the world, or what? I can't believe I get to call these children my own.

I can truly see the love they already have for each other. It is real.

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