Saturday, July 9, 2011

Love/hate relationship with weekends

Don't get me wrong - having David home (for the most part) is great. But I don't understand why we we can't just say to ourselves, "Megan and David - we have three children now. A 2 year old and almost 8 month old twins. It is probably a good idea for us to stay home and relax during the weekends."

Oh no. Not us!

David took a half day on Friday and played golf. Paige and I put the boys down for a nap then went outside. (She looks white from the insane amounts of sunscreen I slather on her)

Then later that evening, Mr. Jackers found the dog bowls! Ugggh - I forgot what it is like to have a crawling baby in the house. And soon, I'll have 2. SMH.

(Mother of the year alert: so I see Jack crawling up to the bowl to investigate. Naturally, I run to grab my camera. As I'm taking pictures, I'm like - "no, no, Jack! Crap! Jack! No! Wait - smile! Look at momma!" Poor kid.)

Saturday came, and Paige and I hit up the gym in the morning. David did yard work and played with the boys.

We then decided it was a good idea to take all our kids to a birthday party at a horse ranch. In the middle of nap time.

In the 105 degree heat.

It actually went fine. Just busy : )

We met a nice horse named Jim.

I think she ate 2 cupcakes and a cake ball.

And Jack and Braley ate a late lunch on the floor.

After all of this, only David and I would say, "hey - let's go over to Brooke and Seth's and hang out for a while. Then go to the pool. Then go to dinner."

We are lucky that the twins are pretty portable. They adapt well. They napped in their carseats, ate when I wanted them to, happily played wherever I laid them down. My good boys.

I am always ready for Mondays, though. I like getting back into our routine. Naps in cribs on time, playtime with our own toys, meals in highchairs, etc.

Hope yall have had a nice weekend, and that you have an even better Sunday!

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