Wednesday, July 13, 2011

8 months

The boys don't turn 8 months until Saturday, but I'm thinking about it today, so I thought I'd do a big post all about my awesome boys.

Jack: crawling everywhere. He isn't interested in pulling up to standing yet. He just likes to move. He hates having his diaper changed and getting dressed. He freaks out on his back. He absolutely must roll over and start crawling. It is hysterical. And extremely frustrating/annoying.

He is a good eater. He likes green things! Like spinach, peas, and pears. He also likes sweet potatoes and carrots. He does NOT like oatmeal/rice cereal. Much to my chagrin, since he needs the cereal for the iron. Since they don't get formula, I need to try and get iron from other sources. Luckily spinach has iron in it, and he likes that.

He is such a ham. It is honestly hard to get Jack to not smile. He is a happy little guy. And very curious. He also loves his momma. He crawls up to me and paws at me until I hold him. I love him so much.

Braley: Very content to sit and play with toys. He likes to go in a circle. We call him our little one legged duck, because he can't advance. Just goes round and round.

He is also a good eater. He will eat pretty much anything. His favorite is oatmeal. I mix oatmeal with mango, banana, any veggie, breastmilk...he gobbles it right up! He is so precious. He is such a sweet boy. Sucks his thumb.

I have to admit I am slightly worried about his lack of mobility. I hate that I am. In reality, I know he is fine. I just wish he would get that cute tush in gear and get moving! Obviously I'll discuss any concerns I have in August at their 9 month check. I'm not letting this keep me up at night by any means.

Here is their 8 month schedule:

Wake: 8 AM - nurse right away
Nap: 10-11
Lunch: 11:30
Nurse: 1
Nap: 1:30-3:330
Nurse: 4
Dinner: 5:30 or 6
Bath: 7
Nurse or bottle: 7:30 - then right to bed!

It is amazing what a corner in napping they turned. No swaddle or pacifier. I rock them when I have time, but they don't need it. They just go in their crib, roll around, and fall asleep! It is a beautiful thing.

I'm in love with my boys. They have completed our family in the most perfect way.


Lindsey B said...

Love those boys! I can't believe how big they are getting!

cryercutie said...

They are growing up SO fast!!! And of course, they are adorable!