Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Playgroup and a new concern

4 moms and 6 kids = mad house! (and one of the moms is 5 months pregnant)

We had a fun playgroup at our house today. Paige was a good little hostess and shared her toys (for the most part!).

The sunlight made these pics awful, but it was too cute a scene not to try and capture.

Jack doesn't let anything (or anyone) get in the way of his crawling. Poor Braley.

Sweet girlies eating some lunch. Yes - on my work out bench.

After afternoon naps, the kids and I went to the grocery store. I had a lot I needed to get, so storing things under the Zooper was not an option. I needed a cart. So - I had Jack sitting in the front of the cart, Paige walking next to me, and Braley in the Bjorn. I'm tired just typing that out. But it worked! We got what we needed and made it back home!

The boys are loving their solids. So much, that they are taking in MUCH less breastmilk. I'm talking a drastic drop here. They eat a wide variety of solid foods - all kinds of veggies, fruits, some pureed chicken and turkey, and tons of oatmeal mixed with breastmilk. Everyone tells me that it is normal for their breastmilk intake to drop at this point. But I'm still worried. I just hope they are getting all they need.

Those who have been there - what was your 8-10 month old taking in? I'm thinking the Jack is getting close to 20 oz a day and Braley is more like 12-14 TOPS.

David tells me I need to relax. He says I always have to find something to stress out about. That I should just go with the flow and let things go.

Relax? That is just not my M.O.!!! : )


Kim and Matt said...

They are too cute!! I have a 10m lil girl & the ped. recommends between 20-25oz. a day.

kim said...

Mine were getting 32 oz, but the pedi said that was too much. She recommended 20-24 and then 16 at a year.

kerry said...

I love the pics where Jack is crawling over Braley like he's part of the rug. Your boys are too adorable!

Kate said...

We were at 24 oz a day and at Jax's 9 month appt the pedi said to drop it to 16 oz. Now he is probably drinking around 14 oz a day so he is pretty much at where yours is.