Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Just boys

Paige went to school today (her last week of summer school! Yikes!!) and the boys and I spent some good time playing. They are SO fun and playful these days. I love this age! They are happy, eating well, napping is great : ) (yes, I understand that by saying this, Jack will start teething tomorrow and everything will go to hell)

Poor Braley bub...just sits there and watches Jack crawl around. I am still concerned, and my concern grows every day. I am aware that I am a crazy person for being upset that my 8 month old doesn't crawl. He is just SO behind is brother. But I need to get over this. I'm working on it. I am! I promise!

Paige spend the night with her papa tonight (he is in town for a week doing a little work, and of course he had to have his bug come over for a sleep over!). David and I just had the twins to feed dinner, bathe, and get down for the night. We were kind of twiddling our thumbs, thinking - how easy life would be if we JUST had twins! Ha!


Alyssa said...

I know it doesnt help that one son is crawling and the other is not, but my daughter didn't crawl until 11.5 months and she totally caught up and walks great now.

Tiffany said...

they are so freaking adorable! AHHHHHH!