Monday, July 4, 2011

Our 4th weekend through the eyes...

...of my iphone!

We have gone to the mall.

Paige loves the mall. She loves shopping, escalators, the food court, and the ice cream stand. And I love being in the AC!

I don't love when I leave the boys' bibs at home and have no change of clothes. They were in a $500 stroller with no clothes on!

Gone out to breakfast a few times

Gone to the grocery store to get what I needed to make an ice cream cake : )

Eaten lots of yummy baby food

Taken plenty of pictures

Done some more eating

Eating yet again

Love me some Jackers.
We are headed to a cookout this evening, then the fireworks. I told David I don't think we will last long there. Not only will it be WAY past Paige's bedtime, but she is terrified of loud noises. We will be with some friends and there will be several kids around Paige's age, so that will help. But I still think we will be home before the show ends.

Stay tuned...

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