Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More about abdominoplasty

I have had several emails asking me questions about my surgical consult for my abdominoplasty. Obviously, I'll know more when I have the actual surgery, but here is my understanding:

How long will you be in the hospital?

I check it at 7:30 AM, surgery is supposed to start at 9. I am booked with the surgeon for 4 hours, though they don't think it will take that long. I am required to spend 1 night in the hospital, where I will be monitored closely for infection. At 8 AM the next morning, David will drive me to the doctor's office where his nurses will check my drains, give me my prescriptions for pain meds (grin), and make sure I'm okay to go home.

What kind of restrictions will you have?

I will have the drains in for 1 week, so anything that gets in the way of those is obviously out. I am not supposed to lift anything. However, I was also told to not lift after both of my C-Sections, and I didn't follow that rule. I listened to my body, which is what I will do this time. My doctor told me that, in his experience, this surgery is the same or easier than a C-Section. I was carrying Paige around the day I got home from the hospital and in the gym in 2 weeks. I recover well. I'm not worried.

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nikinikinine said...

I was going to email you about this, but might as well ask it here. What kind of help are you lining up for your recovery? This is my biggest concern.

Oh, and how did you find your plastic surgeon. I wish it was like finding a hair stylist. You just see someone with a cute hairdo and say "hey, who does your hair?" Unfortunately "hey, who removed that crazy ass skin you had around your stomach" doesn't go over as well :P