Saturday, July 16, 2011

Big things happening today

Another Saturday, another day of golf for David and gym for me! We normally do "my" time in the morning, and "David's" time in the afternoon. But we switched it up today. David is going to learn that having his time in the morning is actually much better, considering the fact that the kids nap from 1 or so to sometimes even 4. So his kids duty today will be very easy!

We have some big plans for later today: lowering the mattresses on the boys' cribs. Taking the rails on Paige's crib off, thus turning her bed into a big girl bed (deep breaths, stay calm...), and setting up her toy potty.

Paige has started taking her diaper off in her crib, begging us to change her when she is just a little wet, and telling us every time she goes potty. She is giving us every sign that she is ready. We are the ones dragging our heels! But it is time, and we know it. Today, we start!

I also am going to buy some new clothes for the boys. I can barely button their pants, and all their shirts look like muscle shirts. I can't believe I'm going to buy 12-18! Baby Gap is going to be very glad I walked in at the end of this visit. SMH.

And at 4 today, we have my niece's 3rd birthday party!

And now, some proof that the boys need new clothes...poor things are stuffed into things that are way to tight!

Paige telling Braley to look at the camera and smile! Hmmm...think she has heard that before?

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