Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Overload of Jack and Braley

I love getting a few hours alone with my boys when Paige is in school. She goes at 9:30, then the boys nap from about 10-11 - so I get an hour to myself in the morning to clean the kitchen and sit down and relax for a bit. It is wonderful!

Then the boys get up, I get to nurse them in peace, we can sing, read books, play with our toys...all without a bossy (adorably bossy...) 2 year old!

Of course, a little photo sesh is always included on the itinerary!

Jack's eyes are blue and fabulous. He will drive the girls crazy!

And Braley has this sweet baby face that melts your heart.

Nothing better than a little twin love. Makes me happy.

I started offering them lunch today, and they liked it. So they are eating 2 solid meals a day, and still nursing 6 times a day. I'm guessing they are just eating less at each nursing session? Not sure...but they are GROWING boys! So fat! I love it!

Naps are going lightyears better these days. I put both boys down awake in their crib. They seem to be able to stay asleep longer when they actually fall asleep on their own.

We are officially pacifier-free as well! None of my 3 children have been attached to a pacifier.

Life is just plugging along here.

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