Saturday, June 11, 2011

Busy weekend with my loves

Jack and Braley are lucky they have an awesome big sister. She loves her little brothers. The first thing she says when I get her out of her crib is, "I hear Jack! I hear Bwaley!" So we change her diaper and walk into the boys' room to get them up for the day. Music to my ears when she proclaims, "Good morning, bubbers!"

It is TOUGH having young kids this close in age. But what an amazing gift we have given them: each other.

Last night, we got a sitter and David went out with his friends and I got dinner and a movie with one of my girlfriends. It was really nice and great to hang out and have some girl chat. This morning, David played golf, and when he gets home, I'm headed to a baby shower for a sweet little girl due later this summer. And tonight, we have a babysitter and David and I are having a date night. We have dinner reservations and a nice steakhouse in the city.

Happy Saturday!! xoxo

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