Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Weekend Part 1

David and I certainly don't let three kids 2 and under slow us down!

Saturday, Paige and I went to Chesapeake to workout/kids corner and run a few errands. We came home, daddy headed to the golf course, and the kids and I got some rest. We went to dinner downtown when he got home, and everyone had fun! I brought sweet potatoes and a banana/peach combo (store bought) to feed the boys. They practically licked the jar. I THINK we might be on our way to dropping their second to last nursing session. I offered it after dinner, and they weren't very interested. Fingers crossed! I would love to nurse them after their nap, feed them solids, then nurse before bed. We might be headed that direction.

Today, we started off the day with a delicious brunch at the country club. We met my brother and his family as well as my grandparents there. It was lovely! There was a piano player there, and my almost-3-year-old niece went up to her and asked her to play twinkle twinkle. She obliged, and the girls danced.

David needed to get some yard work done, so we all went outside to play!

We are going to go swimming at Oaktree when the kids get up. They have a great baby pool with tons of shade, so it is a good place for us to take all three kids. Stay tuned for Father's Day Weekend Part II ; )

I have a freaking awesome dad, grandfather, brother (who is a dad), and husband (best dad in the world, if you ask me). Father's day is a very special day : )

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