Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Solids are messy

It is official: Jack loves food. He has loved anything I give him! I have done avocados, sweet potatoes, and bananas. I make my own...I just puree with a little breastmilk. Jack goes crazy over it. Braley is getting there. But man, it is MESSY!

You might remember, I never really did baby food with Paige. This is all new to me. I had wanted to skip this step with the boys, but Jack is clearly more than ready. I couldn't wait any longer.

They are still nursing 6 times a day each, so not really sure when they will reduce that. Hopefully soon. If you can do simple math...that is 12 nursing sessions a day. I'm tired.

Paige is having a nice week. We have a playgroup tomorrow at my house, kids corner on Friday, then back to school next week!

My beautiful and happy girl.

Am I the luckiest person in the world, or what?

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Lindsey B said...

So cute! But I agree - purees are MESSY! I think table food has been so much easier!

Wish I could come to the play date you are hosting. Too bad I'm hours away!