Thursday, June 16, 2011

babysitting and park fun

I don't have enough kids of my own, so I offered to babysit my niece today. My kids all took naps at 1, so Ava and I baked cookies, cleaned the upstairs, and the kitchen! She was actually very helpful!

Before she came over, we took a quick walk to the park. It is getting so hot, we went at 8:45 and were home by 9:45. Paige and I were both sweating and Paige's cheeks were red. I am already over summer and it hasn't even officially started yet : ( Today it got up to 101. SMH.

I found a shady place and laid a blanket and some toys out for the boys. We all like the fresh air - just wish it was a little cooler.

We had a one year old, two year old, almost three year old, and (2) seven month olds here today. Madness! But everyone had fun.

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Lindsey B said...

Enjoy the park while the boys are still just sitting! Can you imagine what it is going to be like when they can crawl off? And then when they can run in different directions?!!?