Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Keeping busy in the summer time

Paige is out of school this week. We have been trying to keep ourselves entertained. We have been:

hanging out in Paige's room

Working on our chipping

Cleaning our clubs

I have been enjoying these sweet chubby cheeks!

Hanging under the patio while Paige plays

Paige has found some interesting places to chill out and watch some Wiggles

Having a little chat with the rooster during snack time

I think I decide to take on too much at the start of each day. Today, I decided we needed to grocery shop and go to the mall. Why? Who knows. So we went to Target in the morning, came home, played outside, had naps, then went to the mall, then came home for dinner. Then I did baths and bedtime for all three alone. Then I still had the kitchen to clean up, flowers to water, and blog to update, of course : ) I'm exhausted.

Why can't I realize that, with a 2 year old and (2) 7 month olds, it would be easier for me to stay home?

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Kelly said...

I love the picture of Paige practicing her chipping!!
I think it's great that you get out! Yes, it is hard, but you (or I) would lose my mind if you weren't able to leave the house :) I don't have three kids but I do have 5 month old twins and there are days were being cooped up in the house, isn't an option!