Saturday, June 25, 2011

Busy. Tired.

I put the boys in their usual spot for some pictures, and Paige was having none of it! She climbed in and made herself comfy between them.

Then she wanted to "Hold you, Jack!"

We have had a crazy weekend. David has been out of town, so we have invited lots of friends over and made lots of plans to keep busy.

Friday, Brooke and Amy took half days of work to come play : ) We had a 3 year old, 2 year old, 7 month old twins, and a 6 month old. 3 moms - one of whom is almost 9 months pregnant.

Paige and Beckham had a blast playing. They are super adorable.

We gave them a bath to get all the sunscreen off.


Today, I had a sitter come stay with the twins so Paige and I could have a little date morning. We went to a baby shower and out to lunch. We napped in the afternoon, then went and did some shopping. I'm so exhausted (said in every post here - I realize this). We don't expect David home until pretty late tomorrow : ( So I think I have one more night on my own. Oh - then he studies late Monday and has class Tuesday. Super.


Lindsey B said...

Love the pictures of all of your babies piled in the chair!!! Hoping you get a break as soon as David walks in the door!

Just Me said...

I would promise that it gets easier, but it doesn't...they get older and have new drama, but less time actually holding and more time with yesses and are amazing! You babies are adorable (all 3) and being a part time single mom is me, I did it...they love you, they love their father and they love each other, that's all you need to remember when you fall asleep every night.

Anonymous said...

Hi I just wanted to say as a new mom of twins I know how hard it must be for you with three little ones so close in age. My husband travels alot which leaves me with a full time job and two babies to take care of! As hard as it is there smiles make it all worth it. Your children are beautiful though and you seem like you have it all under control. Thank you for making me realize I'm not the only one who struggles sometimes!