Wednesday, June 8, 2011

There goes that plan...

You might remember I had decided to skip purees and delay solids until the boys were ready for table foods. I even got my pediatrician's blessing.

Then two days ago, I was eating dinner while holding Jack, and he was just staring at my mouth. He was making chewing movements and practicing swallowing. I felt bad for the poor kid! He wanted to eat!

I had a jar of sweet potatoes in the pantry back from when I was trying to teach Paige to eat (don't worry, I checked the date!). He LOVED it. He gave me this look like, "why have you been holding out on me all this time!" He was reaching for the spoon and trying to feed himself even!

Success! I guess, though, this means I have to feed him solids every day now.

I gave Braley a whirl at it, and he wasn't impressed. But I'll keep trying.

So there goes my nice clean plan of not having to deal with purees...

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Alyssa said...

LOL - You'll get there. I'm doing purees right now, but hope to get to table foods way sooner with my boy than I waited for my girl.