Monday, June 20, 2011

Rub a dub dub

3 monkeys in a tub!

David went to the baseball game downtown tonight as a "team building" experience with his work group. Whatever. All I know is I had to do bath and bedtime alone tonight. I'll have to do it tomorrow night when he is in class. Then he goes on his guys golf weekend Thursday - Sunday. So...yeah. Not a whole lot else to say.

Anyway, I thought I'd make my life easier and bathe all three at the same time. It was NOT easier. But it sure was fun! The boys love the big tub and Paige had fun making them laugh by splashing and singing. I had tears in my eyes. These are the moments that I pictured when I was pregnant with the twins. This is why I wanted a big family.

The boys are really starting to notice each other. Especially Braley. He loves Jack! He is always reaching out to grab him.

Stick his hand in his mouth.

I die over these gorgeous boys!

I am exhausted. What is new? I feel like I say that every day. But my work is almost done for the day! I just have to water the flowers!

Happy Monday! xoxo


Lindsey B said...

Shut up - this is TDF! I am in love with the bath pictures!!!

Alyssa said...

Thats adorable!

I'm actually terrified of using a real tub for my 6 month old. I had my 20 month old in a baby tub until she was about 16 months old... In fact, for a quick bath, we still use the baby tub.

How do you not let your babies slip in the tub, especially with having all three in there?

Megan and David said...

Alyssa -
Jack and Braley are actually very strong sitters. At 6 months, there is no way I would have put them in there. But now at 7, I knew they would be fine.

I was sitting right there, so I didn't worry. Plus, I only filled the water so that if they did tump over backwards, the water wouldn't even clear their ears. Yes, it would bonk their head, but they would be fine.

The whole experience was stressful for me, because of how hard getting everyone out and in a diaper was! I decided I will only do this again if I have a helper here!

Megan said...

I just had to say hi! Just found your blog just now and very strangely- I'm Megan, married to a David, on June 2 (but a year later than you guys!). Freaky, huh?

Jamie Dearle said...

Love, Love, Love these kids!!!
I sure wish Hadley liked baths... Maybe your kids can teach her how to enjoy them because they seem to have so much fun ;) Cant wait to see you guys next month!!! Have a great week!

Dre said...

To freakin adorable! Yes, multiple bath time is more difficult, but after a few weeks, it will be easy AND hilarious to watch. I only have two and it is crazy. Seeing your boys with Paige is making me long for another... Darn you and your cute kids!!! Hang in there, I know doing the routine alone is rough, I have been doing it now for three nights now...